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In order to verify these hypotheses, i. This means that it is necessary to perform both technological and raw material analyses.

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For the purposes of this study the following methods were used: MGR-analysis, chemical analysis by WD-XRF, thin-section studies and estimation of physical ceramic properties. The results of archaeometric analysis of pottery from the PL site of Orheiul Vechi and the Getic site of Butuceni did not substantiate the hypothesis that there had been continuity in pottery technology traditions.

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The results Kiev Dating Site. archaeometric analysis of pottery from the PL site of Orheiul Vechi and the Getic site of Butuceni did, conversely, confirm the hypothesis that there was a continuity in raw material use. At both sites and in both phases there is a marked emphasis on local production of ceramics using locally sourced raw materials.

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The analyses performed show how vital Kiev Dating Site. analyses are in the study of ancient pottery. In summary, the similarities in production between pottery from the Getic site and the PL site are clearly reflected in the raw materials used, both in terms of plastic ingredients and intentional temper.

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However, the results of preliminary technological analyses suggest that there is a lack of continuity in pottery technology traditions. In this way, given the differences observed in the physical ceramic property values, a broader range of analyses is required that will enable us to more accurately reconstruct the ceramic technology.

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